Lester George

Lester George incorporates his creativity and passion for the game of golf in every golf course design. The blending of his terrain reading ability and his lively interest in the history of golf enables him to visualize imaginative course designs. With over 20 years experience in the design, renovation and restoration of numerous golf courses throughout the United States and Japan, Lester has been established as a leading golf course architect.

Serving as a design coordinator for Golf Services International, Lester worked with other golf course architects studying the intricacies of course design. During this time, he co-founded Virginia Golf Development. Then, in 1991, Lester opened his own firm, Colonial Golf Design, Inc., which has evolved into George Golf Design, Inc.

Lester George's ingenuity and dedication to the game of golf has caused George Golf Design, Inc. to experience vast growth in popularity and demand. Reading topography with an artistic eye, Lester is able to bring distinct characteristics to every golf course. Now a principal player in golf course design, George Golf Design, Inc. offers our clients the expertise of a seasoned and creative golf course architect.